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Dropbase is the easiest way to import messy CSV and Excel files directly to a database that can power your favorite apps and data tools. It helps you automate data operations and workflows with features such as Dropmail, Dropzone, automatic column mapping, data cleaning, and data validation.

With Dropbase, you can import and manage all your spreadsheet data coming from your teams, customers, and partners in a fully-featured SQL database.

You do not need to set up or host your own database. Dropbase manages this for you out of the box. All you need is a Dropbase workspace and you can start importing, cleaning, and managing all of your data in one place, with no engineering required.

Why use Dropbase?

Setting databases is complicated

Spinning up, setting up, and managing a SQL requires multiple steps and technical setup. Sometimes you just need a database to work with. Dropbase makes it easy for anyone to get SQL database and quickly import your spreadsheet data to.

Systems you use aren't compatible with each other

Sometimes you need to move data from one system to another, and the only way to do so is through a CSV or Excel file. You have to do this becuase the systems aren't compatible with each other, don't have a built-in way to connect or an API, and sometimes even if they do, it requires techincal expertise to do it.

CSV and Excel data is messy

Data from CSV and Excel files are usually messy. They can't easily be imported to databases without first preparing and cleaning the data. Dropbase gives you easy ways to deal with these challenges so you can import your data successfuly.

Requesting data customers takes too much back and forth

Asking customers or external partners to send you data is coodination mess. They send you files via email and often time the data is incomplete, values are in the wrong places, and it takes too much back and forth to check with they about each data error.

What can you do with Dropbase?

Dropbase is an end-to-end tool that allows you to collect, clean, and centralize data with ease. With Dropbase you can:

  1. Request data from external partners and automate ingestion so that you can stop emailing CSVs back and forth.
  2. Centralize all your spreadsheets into a database that integrates with your favorite automation tools or data apps.
  3. Automate repetitive data cleaning by building reusable data cleaning steps from a simple spreadsheet UI, helping you reduce repetitive, manual work. With Dropbase, you'll never have to clean the same CSV or data extract twice.
  4. Create database tables instantly from CSV or Excel files. Move data to a cloud database without having to set one up or host it. Dropbase databases can scale as much as you need it to.
  5. Collaborate and share data with your team.
  6. Import, view, and query the data in your database.